Secretary's Foreword
Munsif Dad JP
Secretary SCC

During the year 2010/11 it was a privilege to work as a development Manager for Scaitcliffe Community Centre Limited. I work with a team of professional, highly skilled and competent people. I have gained great knowledge and skill from people that I work with on daily basis at the Community centre.  

There has been a significant development and achievement for the Scaitcliffe Community Centre in my role to serve the community of Hyndburn. The Scaitcliffe Community Centre is here to initiate, promote and develop services, which will improve the educational, economic, health, social and recreational facilities for the people of Hyndburn. The new community centre has enabled us to achieve this more effectively.

The Scaitcliffe Community Centre was able to give 4 local young people a place to do work experience as placements from schools and the community.

We have continue to work closely with other Community Resource Centres and Voluntary Organisations on training, policies and procedures, sharing information for best practice and developed partnership working. I am working with Partners, stakeholders and various voluntary and community organisations and local residents to provide services to meet the needs of the local community.

Following a very successful last seven years the voluntary sector as a whole is going through a very hard time. Funding is very difficult to get and with the change of national government it is going to take time for the policies for voluntary sector to take shape. However we have continued to attract business from various statutory, community and voluntary organisations. My main aim is to continue developing projects, activities and services to meet the need of the community and also generate enough revenue so that the Scaitcliffe Community Centre is able to continue to provide a service to the Community.

I would like to thank all Staff, Chairperson, committee members and volunteers for their kind support. I will continue to work very hard, further develop to establish this community facility for the benefit of the whole community.

As you know I have resigned from my position as the Manager for SCC on 31st March 2011. I will be working with the management committee on voluntary basis to promote the work of the Scaitcliffe Community Centre.

Cllr Munsif Dad JP  -  Manager