Values and Competencies
Organisation Values
Scaitcliffe Community Centre operates within strict charitable, legal and ethical guidelines.
The Organisation offers equality of opportunity for its employees, users and Trustees.
The Organisation forges close and mutually beneficial relationships with partners.
The Organisation nurtures its employee, student and Trustee teams, introducing measures to promote job satisfaction.

Core Competencies
A review of the current situation analysis shows Scaitcliffe Community Centre has developed core competencies in the following areas:
  • Organisational management - with over 3 years of management experience, plus the experience of key staff and community involvement the organisation is well placed to develop its services locally;
  • Enterprise development - working with professional advisors the organisation has been involved in identifying and developing innovative and successful enterprises responding to disadvantaged community needs;
  • Business management and partnership working - SCC has carried out an extensive number of projects with partners involving assembly of funding bids, defining needs and analysis, partnership working and negotiation;
  • Promotion - SCC has an extensive network of promotion and marketing including posters, direct advertising, community meetings and work with partners. A Marketing Strategy has been developed by Board Members.
  • Board Members - the Board has extensive links with local organisations, which has enabled the SCC to secure its market niche. In addition, the Members have extensive direct experience of working in Accrington over many years and with groups and individuals of the community;
  • Training and capacity building - Board Members, staff, and volunteers have extensive opportunities for skill development, business training on an ongoing basis, which enables the organisation and individuals to fulfil their potential, adding coherence to operations and clarity to activity;
Local Membership and Involvement - The organisation, its Board, the staff, and volunteers are drawn from the local community and are familiar with the challenges of local life. Their involvement enables the organisation to translate its intentions in a way local people can relate to, whether that is in advertising, talks or in other ways, which makes the services appropriate to need, welcoming and creates a sense of local ownership.